Drawissimo Kids-Learn to Draw is HERE!

Kids and adults can use their Android tablets or iPads to learn how to draw, step by step

Today we are launching our latest Android and finally also an iOS version, which is coming for the first time to the iPad. Drawissimo Kids is the only step-by-step drawing tutorial app that uses your camera lens to teach drawing techniques faster and more efficiently. All you need is your tablet or smartphone, pen and a sketch pad. Find a glass, holder or prop for your device and start drawing!

For those of you who don´t prefer the classic drawing style with pen and paper, we developed
Drawissimo Kids-Learn to Draw makes learning to draw easy, and is much like tracing with step-by-step directions. The drawing lessons are fun for kids and adults alike, and come with hundreds of illustrations to choose from. The available drawings come from the following categories, plus more:

  • Animals
  • Kids and Toddlers
  • Pop
  • Fantasy
  • Cartoons and Games
  • Nature and Misc
  • Anime and Manga
  • People
  • Special

Our latest version of the app Drawissimo Kids even includes an offline mode, allowing you to use the app for learning those drawing skills even when there is no Internet connection. It’s terrific for vacations, road trips, developing nations, and anywhere where mobile data is limited or people can’t afford it. Kids can spend their free time on vacation creatively by drawing their favorite characters and parents can have some free time for themselves.


Main features:

1 Different categories and packs and lots of different drawing tutorials.
2 Draw on paper with Use camera mode or draw directly on the device with Use Finger mode.
3 In Use Finger mode choose between Drawing mode or Coloring mode (change between drawing and coloring mode easily) - one is for a step by step creation of the chosen drawing, the other is for coloring and finalizing + creativity.
4 Use awesome tools like Stamps, Special Effects, Glows, Water Colors, and Color Pens
5 Use the Drawing Helper TM (our own developed drawing accuracy algorithm) which will help you create a perfect illustration. When you clear all the green and red dots, you created a perfect illustration! Green dots show where you have to draw, red ones show what you drew wrong.
6 Turn on a Drawing pointer for detailed parts of an illustration where your finger doesn't fit in. One part of the pointer is for moving it, another is for drawing.
7 Share the creation with your friends and family (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Text MSG).
8 Simply Undo or Delete the whole screen if you made a mistake or want to delete the whole drawing.
9 The App works offline, so kids can use it even on vacations without an internet conection..


Exclusive, SPECIAL packages:

  • Mandala - special mandala package for mandala relaxation coloring
  • Artwork by Thaneeya - mandala drawing for mandala relaxation coloring
  • The Jungle Buddies and The Forest Friends- special cute characters for kids
  • Christmas Pack - pack of Christmas characters to draw and color
  • Valentines pack - pack of Valentines characters to draw and color


It’s time to spend your free time creatively!